Your unique advantages

  • Crystal clear, clean water
  • Healthier bathing due to lower chemical requirements
  • Savings of up to 75% in operating costs
  • Ultralight, immediately usable for all systems
  • Backwashable and washable at any time
  • Protection against fungal and insect attack, and rotting
  • Filters pollen and algae
  • Extremely durable, UV-stable and breathable
  • Resistant to all pool chemicals
  • Lowest resistance, highest flow rate, fast filtration
  • Recommended for allergy sufferers, free from chemical additives
  • Protects from biofouling

Less costs – less effort

  • Energy saving due to high flow rate, reduced backwash cycles and the possibility to use pumps with lower capacity.
  • Due to the high separation rate, flocculants can be largely avoided.
  • High dirt holding capacity and long service life.
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs for pipes, filter strainers, filter cartridge, gate valves, seals etc., no transport and disposal costs
  • Less backwashing, resulting in less water loss and less energy required to reheat the fresh water supplied.

Less effort – less time

  • Delivery and storage with light and minimum space requirement
  • Simple and fast replacement of the filter material.
  • Low weight, no towing of heavy sandbags.
  • Due to its low resistance, PureFlow® filters faster and more often in the same period of time than many other filter materials.
  • Quick disposal – no need to remove or dispose of and store heavy filter material, no more laborious removal of lumpy filter sand.
  • Faster floor cleaning or pool vacuuming.

More efficiency – more safety

  • Very high separation rate and partially backwashable at any time; automatic readjustment with each backwash.
  • Suitable for almost all filter vessels; ensures high filter density
  • Certified raw materials and application-oriented fiber mix; liquid is subject to over 1000 changes of direction in every filter segment due to the high density fiber arrangement; fast flow rate despite high fiber density
  • Segment separation, no clumping – PureFlow® keeps its shape.
  • Individual adaptation to different fluids and application areas.
  • In filter tests, suspended particles smaller than 1 micron (0.001 mm) are filtered out.
  • Almost no fibre detachment, no water colouring.


  • Contains no silver ions or chemical substances (dyes etc.)
  • Long service life of the filter material.
  • High energy saving.
  • With PureFlow® you save valuable resources.
  • Space-saving storage because PureFlow® is dimensionally stable.
  • Ongoing internal laboratory controls guarantee a high, continuous quality.
  • Virtually no fiber separation through the use of PureFlow®.


  • Developed under consideration of BIODESIGN studies.
  • Innovative mix of thermally fixed technical fibres with lotus effect.
  • Individually adaptable filter for almost all applications.
  • Fibers regain their shape and stability, even after compression.
  • Self-compacting through special CNC-Cut surface.


  • As a German manufacturer we guarantee you the very best quality. We monitor these from the purchase of raw materials to delivery. PureFlow® is permanently tested in our in-house laboratory and is also subject to strict quality controls by a German laboratory and testing institute.
  • We also cooperate with colleges, universities, external engineering offices and experts in microbiology, chemistry and technical fibers development.
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