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Less costs – less effort

  • Energy can be saved thanks to a high flow rate, less backflushing cycles and the possibility of using pumps of lower capacity.
  • Due to the high cleaning efficiency flocculants may be dispensed with largely.
  • High dirt holding capacity and a long period of usage.
  • Less repair and maintenance costs of pipelines, filter star, filter candle, sluice valves, gaskets, etc.; no transport- and disposal costs.
  • The reduced number of backflushings results in less loss of water and less energy input for reheating the fresh water that is being introduced.

Less effort – less time

  • Delivery and Warehousing: No heavy loads and a minimal space requirement.
  • Simple and quick exchange of the filter material.
  • Low weight, no carrying of heavy sandbags.
  • Thanks to its low resistance, PureFlow® filters more quickly and more frequently than many other filter materials during the same time period.
  • Fast disposal – no waste management and final disposal of heavy filter material, no troublesome removal of compacted filter sand.
  • Fast pool-floor cleaning recipe. Cleaning of the pool by suction.

More efficiency – more safety

  • Very high cleaning efficiency; partially backflushing is possible any time; automatic adjustment with every backflushing.
  • Adapts to mostly any filter vessel; guarantees high filter compaction.
  • Certified raw materials and application-oriented fiber mix; due to the very dense fiber arrangement per filter segment the liquid undergoes more than 1000 changes of direction; fast flow rate despite the higher fiber density.
  • Separation of segments, no compacting – PureFlow® keeps its shape.
  • Individual adapts various fluids and areas of application.
  • In filter tests suspended matters smaller than 1 micron (0,001 mm) are filtered.
  • Mostly no fiber separation, no water coloring.


  • Contains no silver ions or chemicals (dyes, etc.).
  • Long period of usage of the filter material.
  • High degree of energy saving.
  • PureFlow® helps to safeguard valuable resources.
  • Space-saving warehousing, since PureFlow® keeps its shape.
  • Permanent internal laboratory controls guarantee excellent, constant quality.
  • Mostly no fiber separation when using PureFlow®.


  • Developed in consideration of the BIODESIGN surveys.
  • Innovative mix of thermally fixed technical fibers with lotus effect.
  • Individually adaptable filter for almost any area of application.
  • Regenerative stable fiber shape, even after pressure has been applied.
  • Self-compacting thanks to a special CNC-Cut surface.


  • We are a German manufacturer and guarantee premium quality. Our quality monitoring ranges from raw material procurement to the delivery of goods.
  • PureFlow® is permanently tested in our internal laboratory; additionally it is subject to the strict quality controls of an German laboratory and testing institute.
  • Also we collaborate with universities, external engineering firms and certified technical experts in the areas of micro-biology, chemistry and the technical development of fibers.
Produktvergleich Sand Glas Kerzen Polymer PureFlow
Algenbekämpfung + + +++
Anwendungsbereiche   1 26
Anwendungsorientiert +++
Chemieresistenz ja nein bedingt nein ja
Durchflussrate + + + ++ +++
Energieeinsparung ++ +++
Entsorgungskosten hoch hoch mittel mittel sehr gering
Flockungsmittel notwendig ja nein bedingt nein ja

FNU Rate

+ + + ++ +++
Formstabilität +++ + +++ +++
Frostsicherheit nein nein nein ja ja
Gewicht sehr hoch sehr hoch hoch niedrig sehr niedrig
Installation – Deinstallation +++
Kosten-Nutzungseffekt ++ +++
Lagerung u. Kosten +++
Preis + +++
Reinigungsgeschwindigkeit lang lang kurz kurz sehr kurz
Reinigungswirkung + + ++ ++ +++
Rückspültrennung ja ja nein nein ja
Tiefenfiltration ++ ++ + +++ +++
Trennschärfe >30 µm >30 µm >10 µm >20 µm >0,5 µm
TSS Rate ~54% ~75% ~78% ~75% ~99%
Verklumpung/Verkrustung ja ja ja ja nein
E r g e b n i s 3 von 23 1 von 23 1 von 23 2 von 23 23 von 23

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