PureFlow – Nature

Your unique benefits:

  • Extremely high cleaning efficiency
  • Considerably reduced biofouling
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Extremely durable and dimensionally stable
  • High throughput speed
  • Robust and resilient
  • Easy to wash
  • Individually adaptable
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • New and innovative
  • Many application areas
  • Made in Germany

! Absolutely clear, clean water
! Considerably reduced biofouling
! Backwashable at any time
! Extremely light, effortless installation
! Robust and resilient
! Washable
! Very high cleaning efficiency
! Quick and easy to use
! Inexpensive and extremely durable
! High throughput speed
! Fits in every filter container
! Sustainable and environmentally friendly

I must praise you for your excellent product.

I must praise you for your excellent product.. Three months ago, I equipped my spas with your filter material, as well as my saltwater aquarium and my drinking water treatment plant. The exchange was very easy and the efficiency was already evident on the first day. The water seems softer and much cleaner to me. Algae infestation, dirt particles and deposits have been reduced by about 80%, which in turn doubles the intervals of water changes.

I am delighted and will recommend it to others.

A. Schneider

Where can PureFlow Nature be used?


PureFlow Nature provides naturally clear water and prevents the penetration of dirt into pumps, gutters, cisterns and containers. It can be easily adapted and installed on all containers. In addition, PureFlow NATURE can be easily cleaned and is therefore particularly durable.

For fish farming PureFlow Nature provides crystal clear and healthy water. Solids are safely removed and turbidity is considerably reduced. The innovative high-tech fibers of PureFlow purify the water without pollutants and neutrally.


For the treatment of rainwater and cisterns, PureFlow Nature can be used as a run-off filter. This protects your water tanks and cisterns from accumulation of sludge and gives you clear, clean water with reduced cleaning effort

What makes PureFlow so unique?

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PureFlow is a patented and innovative filter material for pools and baths. It replaces well-known sand and glass filter material and ensures crystal clear and clean water with considerably fewer chemicals.

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With only 320g PureFlow you can replace 25 kg of other filter materials and thus protect both the environment and your wallet. With PureFlow the maintenance of your pool filter becomes easier, faster and completely uncomplicated.

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Compared to sand and glass filters, PureFlow offers no resistance and therefore up to 4 times higher throughput speed. Experience crystal clear, healthier water with almost no chemicals, no flocculants and significantly reduced biofouling.

How does the PureFlow NATURE material work

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With PureFlow NATURE you get an innovative filter material that consists of complex polymer layers. These high-tech fibers are bonded together in several layers, allowing highly efficient filtration without chemicals. Due to the unique nature of this material you can easily clean it and thus use it over a long period of time without significant loss of effectiveness.

For the Hofer Zoo

the careful care of the animals and the facilities are the first priorities. Reliable partners, tested and harmless products are of course an important subject for us.

We filter the water in our installations with the PureFlow® filter segment. Compared to products used in the past, replacing the filters is uncomplicated and much less time-consuming.
The long-lasting filters clean are very effective
We are enthusiastic about PureFlow® because we can offer our animals clean, clear water of the best quality.
In addition, thanks to PureFlow®’s proven environmental compatibility, we can be sure that we are using an ecologically sound product, ensuring the best results for our environment and our animals.

Dipl. Ing. J. Gutkowski / Zoodirektor Hofer Zoo

Applications of PureFlow NATURE

  • Fresh and salt water aquariums
  • Fish ponds
  • ornamental ponds
  • Water tanks and cisterns
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Overflow tank
  • Streams and creeks
  • Wells
  • Fountains
  • Garden irrigation / waste water
  • Bag filter
  • Inlet filter
  • Gutters
  • And so on

Comparison calculation

Example calculation

What your pool costs you per annum (*)


(*) Example calculation of the costs incurred within one year for the operation of a swimming pool with an average volume of 45cbm of water and an assumed filter material quantity of 75kg. All information is non-binding and dependent on the system or use.

9,90 €
PureFlow Filter panels
2 pieces 28 x 20 x 4,5 cm
1 piece 28 x 20 x 2,5 cm
Made in Germany
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17,90 €
PureFlow Filter panels
2 pieces 48 x 38 x 4,5 cm
2 pieces 25 x 20 x 2,5 cm
Made in Germany
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Made in Germany