PureFlow – Cartridge

Your unique benefits:

  • Crystal clear and clean water
  • Replaces almost all standard filter cartridges
  • Very high cleaning efficiency
  • Up to 250 times more filtration surface
  • Up to 10 times longer use
  • occupies 100 % of filter space
  • Considerably reduced biofouling
  • Instantly, quickly and easily applicable
  • Inexpensive and extremely durable
  • Extremely light, effortless installation
  • High throughput speed
  • Robust and resilient
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Independent of manufacturers
  • Pure, certified fibres
  • Significant lower chemical addition
  • Harmless
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Made in Germany
  • Washable

! Absolutely clear, clean water
! Considerably reduced biofouling
! Backwashable at any time
! Extremely light, effortless installation
! Robust and resilient
! Washable
! Very high cleaning efficiency
! Quick and easy to use
! Inexpensive and extremely durable
! High throughput speed
! Fits in every filter container
! Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The water quality is impeccable, the bath water crystal clear and odorless.

The flow resistance seems to be significantly lower compared to the original filters, thus better throughput, – also positive.

In the event of heavy dirt accumulation after wind and rain and due to the floor vacuuming, the returning water from the filter remains clear – better than before, when a temporary cloudiness of the water was regularly observed.

I will say more about the backwash behavior of the system at the end of the season, after I have seen the filter material. So far, everything seems to be going well and the backwash water clearly discharges dirt, which is also positive.

So we both have done everything right so far, – thank you for your help and advice!

Walter Kemmler

What makes PureFlow so unique?

PureFlow Cartridge in Pumpe

The entire filter chamber is filled with PureFlow CARTDRIDGE through the elastic cylinders made of high-tech special fibres. In contrast to conventional pleated filter cartridges, not only one surface but the entire filter space is used. This filters 100% of the water passing through.

PureFlow CARTRIDGE is extremely flexible and offers enormous filter efficiency. Due to the great flexibility of the patented material, it replaces almost all filter cartridges, regardless of the manufacturer. This saves you the tedious search for the right cartridge size and the dependence on manufacturers.

PureFlow benötigt weniger Chemie

With PureFlow CARTRIDGE you get clear, clean and Caribbean blue water. You need less chlorine, no flocculants and overall less chemicals. PureFlow consists of pure, certified special fibres and is even suitable for allergy sufferers. Protect your own and your family’s health with PureFlow.

What makes PureFlow so unique?

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PureFlow is a patented and innovative filter material for pools and baths. It replaces well-known sand and glass filter material and ensures crystal clear and clean water with considerably fewer chemicals.

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With only 320g PureFlow you can replace 25 kg of other filter materials and thus protect both the environment and your wallet. With PureFlow the maintenance of your pool filter becomes easier, faster and completely uncomplicated.

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Compared to sand and glass filters, PureFlow offers no resistance and therefore up to 4 times higher throughput speed. Experience crystal clear, healthier water with almost no chemicals, no flocculants and significantly reduced biofouling.

How does the PureFlow CARTRIDGE material work

PureFlow Cartridge

The PureFlow CARTRIDGE filter material consists of highly elastic consolidated high-tech fibres. These are bonded together in different layers to form a highly efficient filtration system without the use of chemicals or other additives. Due to their high elasticity, the filter cylinders can be easily inserted into any housing. Experience clean and clear water with the PureFlow CARTRIDGE filter system – high-tech made in Germany.

The pool water is crystal clear and wonderful again!

We also have the impression that we need less chlorine. We also have to clean and backwash less often. A complete success, especially in this heat the pool is essential for survival!

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