Was ist PureFlow?

PureFlow is the innovative alternative to sand and glass filter material. PureFlow is an award winner in the category “Innovation” of the Bavarian Family Entrepreneurs 2017. Please see our product video under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AudFRjbecqQ
PureFlow consists of pure, certified high-tech fibers of German manufacture. PureFlow is free of CFCs, PCBs, formaldehyde and many other harmful substances and is even suitable for allergy sufferers. PureFlow does not release any substances into water and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

How can I upgrade my filter to PureFlow?

The conversion from sand or glass filter material to PureFlow is possible at any time and without any modification on your filter. Remove the old filter material, clean the filter tank and fill it with PureFlow. Please remember to disconnect the system from the power supply for safety reasons.

How does PureFlow work?

PureFlow completely fills the filter chamber and contaminated water is forced to pass through the filter layers again and again. Solid particles are filtered out.

What can I do against algae?

A distinction is made between green, blue and black algae. The best known form of algae is the green algae. There are over 4,000 different species of it. Algae are tiny particles and often cannot be filtered with filter material alone. They are caused by lack of water maintenance, garden vegetation, entry of organic pollution, heat, etc.
See also: https://de.wikihow.com/Algen-aus-dem-Pool-entfernen
See also: https://de.wikihow.com/Schwarzalgen-aus-dem-Pool-entfernen

Can I use PureFlow with salt water?

PureFlow NATURE is ideal for filtration in fresh and salt water aquariums and provides crystal clear water without affecting the special biological habitat of the fish.

Is PureFlow backwashable?

Yes. During the filtration process, the PureFlow elements condense into a thick filter layer in the tank.
During backwashing, this filter layer breaks down again, the individual filter elements circulate and are flushed through. The dirt is evacuated in the process.

Please note:

  1. Dirt particles exist in all sizes, even 100,000 thousandth of a mm. The purpose of our PureFlow filter elements is to keep your bath water as pure and clear as possible. The better a filter is, the dirtier it gets. Our PureFlow filter removes even the finest dirt particles thanks to its very high selectivity. Most of it is flushed out. Nevertheless, depending on size and shape, dirt particles remain trapped in our PureFlow filter material, just like in any other filter.
  2. Unfortunately, it is a widespread misconception that a water filter filters all pollutants in one direction and completely removes them in the opposite direction during backwashing. During the development of PureFlow we took many filter samples and found organic and inorganic contaminants in all samples. For this reason, professional facilities and public baths also have to work with air-supported backwashing processes during water backwashing.
  3. You can see a dead insect on our white PureFlow filter elements. The same insect, crushed by abrasive sand or glass into its smallest parts, is not found in filters. The smaller the contaminants are, the deeper they sink into the filter bed. (see video animation Biofouling). These organic contaminants are settlement points for microbiology and promote biofouling caused by fungi, germs, viruses and bacteria.
Do I need flocculants?

Flocculants combine smallest, non-filterable substances to larger, filterable substances and deposit them on the upper filter layer. Due to the much higher separation efficiency compared to sand or glass filter material, the regular addition of chemical flocculants is largely unnecessary with PureFlow. Use flocculants only if shock chlorination was unsuccessful. We strongly advise against iron-based flocculants because of possible sticking of the filter elements. Use aluminium-based flocculants instead.

Can water flow through my filter unfiltered?

The individual weight of our filter elements is calculated in such a way that they move in the flow of the water and arrange themselves in every tank shapes to form a compact filter layer. A continuous by-pass can be excluded in principle and your bathing water is necessarily led through the filter.

Why does my white filter material discolour?

Pool chemicals, especially iron-based flocculants, cause discoloration of the fibers over time. This discoloration does not reduce the filtration efficiency of your PureFlow filter and is not an indication of material wear.

Can micro glass splinters get into the bath water?

Micro glass splinters occur in all glass products and thus, also in glass filter material. This problem causes e.g. in the beverage industry (for the cleaning of beverage bottles) as well as the medical sector (for infusion containers made of glass) to invest heavily in special filter systems. Pools made of GRP also often show clear damages of the pool body, caused by micro glass splinters that escape via the inlet nozzles. Unintentional absorption via body openings cannot be ruled out.

What quantity of PureFlow do I need for my filter?

Quantity calculation according to sand content:
Instead of 1 kg of sand you need 13 g of PureFlow
Instead of 25kg of sand you need 320g of PureFlow
Instead of 80kg of sand you need 1kg of PureFlow
Quantity calculation based on the filter volume:
Filter volume in litres or tank dimension x approx. 13 g
Quantity calculation via our website:
On our website www.pureflow-filter.com you will find a calculation tool and of course we are happy to help you personally.

How long can I use PureFlow?

Every filter in the world has a limited lifetime. This depends on various factors such as dirt penetration, location, environmental influences, filter running time, circulation volume, number of backwashings, etc. On average, the majority of our customers replace the filter material after three years. Even with an annual change and the higher price compared to other filter materials, you will achieve significant savings in total annual costs and better water quality thanks to fewer chemicals.

Our recommendations:

  • At the end of the season you should empty your filter and wash the filter material under running water
  • The PureFlow filter material can be kept hanging in a net during winter
Why is no dirt discharged during backwashing?

With PureFlow, dirt is flushed out very quickly due to the low resistance of the material. If there is no discharging, you have too much filter material in the tank and therefore too little free space (freeboard). The PureFlow filter elements are tightly packed in front of your outlet and filter the dirty water to be rinsed out. In this case please remove some filter material from your filter tank.

What do I do if the bottom of the filter is dirty?

If dirt particles are heavier than water, they can sink to the bottom of the filter over time, i.e. lie under the filter material. To avoid this, please use the Rinse program after backwashing before you go back to filtration mode.

How do I clean PureFlow?

Additional cleaning, with the exception of backwashing, is not necessary during the season. For hygienic reasons, you should always remove ANY filter material from the filter and clean it at the end of your bathing season. PureFlow filter elements are quick and easy to remove and can be washed under running water. We recommend storage in a simple net.

Do I have to wash PureFlow?

It is not necessary to remove and wash out the filter elements during the bathing season. The same applies to washing in the washing machine. You can use PureFlow without hassle throughout the season.

What can I do if my pool water is cloudy?

Possible causes of turbidity are:

  • Strong dirt entry
  • Environmental influences (pollen, algae, insects, flowers, leaves etc.)
  • Calcareous water
  • Damage to the equipment
  • Insufficient or incorrect cleaning / water care
  • Pump running time / circulation too short
  • Wrong dosing of chemicals
  • Wrong amount of filter material
  • Bad filter material
  • and many more.

Recommendation for grey cloudiness:
Check the lime content of your water. However, lime in dissolved form can also be deposited as solid matter on the bottom of your filter. If the contamination lies under the filter material, the tank must be emptied and cleaned.

Recommendation for green cloudiness:
See Algae / Care

Recommendation for reddish cloudiness:
If there are iron and manganese components in the water, this often occurs with well water / deep well production, they discolour as soon as they come into contact with oxygen. We have special filters for iron and manganese separation. Please get in contact with us.
PureFlow is a fine filter to increase and maintain water quality. PureFlow is not suitable for cleaning systems that are already heavily contaminated.

Where can I use PureFlow?

PureFlow offers innovative filter solutions for pools, public pools, aquariums, swimming and natural ponds, whirlpools, quick up pools, frame pools, infinity pools, reservoirs, gutters, fountains, streams and many other areas at www.pureflow-filter.com

Can I use PureFlow in a natural pond?

Yes, of course. However, there are many types of swimming ponds with different filter systems. In this case we ask you to contact us so that we can get a picture of your system and advise you accordingly.

How long should my filter pump run?

Your filter pump should circulate the total water volume of your pool at least 3 times a day. If your pump circulates 8 cbm per hour and you have 40 cbm of water in the pool, the pump needs 5 hours operation.
In case of heavy contamination by e.g. algae, pollen etc. please increase to 4 – 5 x daily circulation.

Does PureFlow replace filter cartridges?

Our product PureFlow CARTRIDGE is the innovative invention to

  • (a) become independent from manufacturers
  • b) drastically increase the filtration surface
  • c) improve the water quality considerably
  • d) easy, fast and washable filtration

Filtering is easy. Dirty water is passed through a filter. With PureFlow CARTRIDGE we don’t replace your specially designed cartridge, we just fill your filter chamber, nothing more.

Can I also filter my aquarium with PureFlow?

Not only your aquarium, but also your garden pond, your rainwater cistern, your garden irrigation and much much more.

How do I dispose of PureFlow?

PureFlow is produced from a single raw material and can easily be disposed of with household waste.

Can I dispose of my old and dirty sand in my garden?

Even though it seems simpler, we think that chemically contaminated sand does not belong in nature and should be disposed of professionally.

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