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Here you will find important information about the products:

  • term
  • cleaning efficiency
    The cleaning efficiency defines the ratio between introduced and eliminated solid particles. The cleaning efficiency of PureFlow is much higher than that of other comparable filter media; this is why the water provided is crystal-clear.
  • activated carbon
    During the filtering and absorption process the substances that need to be eliminated are taken in by the activated carbon and accumulated in the carbon body. Undissolved mechanical
    particles are filtered out during the filtering process. PureFlow supports this process extensively. PureFlow can be applied together with activated carbon.
  • algae
    PureFlow is best suited for the filtration of garden ponds and in landscaping.
  • contact
  • aquaristics
    (see aquarium)
  • aquarium
    PureFlow is best suited for aquariums; it provides crystal-clear water without destroying the
    special flora resp. biological habitat of fish.
  • replacement
    In order to preserve the high cleaning efficiency PureFlow should be replaced when a certain
    saturation level has been reached.
  • bakteria
    PureFlow has an antibacterial effect due to the use of silver/activated carbon.
  • chemicals
    PureFlow is resistant and can be used with virtually all common pool chemicals.
  • suitability
    PureFlow is suited for almost all kinds of filters.
  • saving effects
    Thanks to the use of PureFlow you will save energy-, maintenance- and repair costs as well as a lot of time because installation and replacement are easy to handle.
  • waste management
    Je nach Art der Verschmutzung kann PureFlow can be disposed of easily via domestic waste collection.
  • fiber
    PureFlow is not coiled or detaching, rolled and short fibers, but it is a mix of thermally fixed fiber components without bonding additives. This prevent a detachment of fibers.
  • fish farming
    PureFlow can be used even in fish farming without any concerns.
  • flocculants
    Flocculants are used for example for wastewater treatment in sewer treatment plants, for drinking water treatment, for swimming-pools, in paper mills and in industrial procedures in order to
    convert micro-flakes into easily filterable macro-flakes. PureFlow basically does filter micro-flakes. Due to the very high cleaning efficiency of PureFlow flocculants can be dispensed to the greatest possible extend.
  • shape
    PureFlow is dynamically elastic and adapts to any filter shape.
  • frost
    PureFlow is 100% frost-resistant.
  • functionality
  • groundwater
    PureFlow may be used as filter for groundwater.
  • skin compatibility
    Coming into contact with PureFlow is quite safe.
  • germs
    For a short time PureFlow may be heated up to 100°C. The majority of germs, Legionella
    bacteria for example, are killed at a temperature of 75°C.
  • costs
    Due to its high cost-saving potential PureFlow is much more cost-effective than traditional filters.
  • life
    (see period of usage)
  • delivery date
    PureFlow is immediately available. Bulk quantities on request.
  • minimum order
    1 kilogram of PureFlow
  • period of usage
    PureFlow can be used for a long time. The period of use depends on the pollution degree.
  • oil
    PureFlow supports the oil separation of water.
  • polymer fiber
    Polymer fiber is a short fiber, extruded mainly from recycled plastic waste. Contrary to other filters PureFlow does not consist of recycled plastic but of tested and certified raw materials as it is been used in the food industry.
  • cleaning
    (see backflushing resp. washing)
  • cleaning efficiency
    (see cleaning efficiency)
  • backflushing meshes
    (see PureFlow brochure, graphics: backflushing) Backflushing meshes are available at our offices.
  • backflushing
    Backflushings are possible any time. Please prevent that PureFlow is washed out by applying a backflushing mesh.
  • bag filter
    PureFlow can be used together with or instead of bag filters.
  • sand filter
    System/filter box is filled with gravel resp. sand (see silting)
  • drinking water
    The quality of drinking water in Germany asks for the fulfillment of highest requirements and a great number of official authorizations. Currently, these are not yet released for PureFlow.
    Therefore its application in the area of drinking water is not yet permitted.
  • changeover
    Changing over to PureFlow is possible any time
  • environment
    In providing crystal-clear water PureFlow is protecting the environment due to the enormous reduction of energy cost and fresh water which is the most important resource on earth.
  • silting
    When filter sand is flushed into the pool by the current, it is polluting the pool. PureFlow prevents any silting.
  • representatives
    Our PureFlow sales partners all over the world are looking forward to hearing from you.
  • advantages
  • washing
    PureFlow is washable. Please use a textile net when you wash it in a washing machine.
  • water filter
    A water filter is a device for improving the water quality aiming to remove particles, such as
    turbidities resp. micro organisms or dissolved substances in the water, or to reduce their
    concentration. PureFlow generates crystal-clear water.
  • whirlpool
    Almost all filter cartridges may be replaced by PureFlow.
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