About us

As a modern company, we meet future challenges with innovative products, changing markets with exceptional flexibility and the climatic conditions with unconditional, consistent action to protect our nature and the environment. All employees of Pure Flow Filtersysteme GmbH attach great importance to customer satisfaction as well as to a lasting partnership with customers, suppliers and partners. Our actions are geared towards the continuous development of the personal and professional qualifications of all employees. We take into account the maximum possible flexibility, an employee-friendly, modern and safe working environment in the hope of a sustainable positive development of our company.

PureFlow Core Team

Ludwig Künzel
Managing Director / CEO

Foundation and soul of PureFlow
Sales Management

Marc-Alexander Künzel

Marc-Alexander Künzel
Managing Director / CEO

Head of Technology

Ronja Mederer

Ronja Mederer
Head of customer service

Nina Künzel

Nina Künzel
Head of laboratory

Torsten Mederer

Torsten Mederer
Head of production

Our Partners

  • BDS Bundesverband Deutscher Schwimmmeister e.V., DE
  • HFT Hochschule für Technik, DE
  • Analytik Aurachtal GmbH, DE
  • Reichert & Lindner Patentanwälte, DE
  • Textilforschungsinstitut Thüringen, DE
  • University of Applied Sciences, DE
  • BIOLEO, Basisches Leben, DE
  • Staatliche Textilfachschule Münchberg, DE
  • VITALIS Gesundheitszentrum München, DE
  • Bäderbetrieb Ilmenau, Thüringen, DE
  • QVC Düsseldorf, DE
  • ITV, Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik, DE
  • SAS Vert Marine Caux, FR
  • Allianc Resort, FR
  • ECO-Zone, RCH
  • ACQUA-Brasil, BR