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PureFlow® – simply brilliant

The Innovative Pool Filter Material for Many Applications
PureFlow® – quickly explained

Product Information

The genius

PureFlow® is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials, it ensures crystal-clear water – without silver ions, without chemical additives and no colouring. You save water, time and money. We can provide information about the use of PureFlow® on specific and individual areas of application.

The outstanding

PureFlow® consists of thin Polyether Sulfone (PES) fibres which are bonded thermally in layers. They vary in type and thickness and form robust filter segments. Several filter elements with different sizes and forms provide an excellent filtration. Regardless of the area of application of PureFlow®, the fibre density has been calculated to achieve maximum separation efficiency. PureFlow® is dimensionally stable and regains its form, even after compression.

The individual

PureFlow® consists of multilevel stacked layers and thus ensures a high throughput rate of fluids. For system suppliers, we can also offer individual forms and the clothing of the elements. PureFlow® is compatible with all filter systems made of plastic or stainless steel and can be combined with activated carbon layers/discs.

BIONIC DESIGN – Learning from nature

For approximately 600 million years, mussels have filtered suspended particles in the water, thus helping to clean the water. A blue mussel filters about 5 liters of water per hour, an oyster up to 25 liters. Nature itself has provided us with a concept for a brilliant and highly effective filter material: PureFlow®.

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FUNCTION Easy Installation, Effective Performance Filtration The individual segments of PureFlow, combined with the water running through the filter, form a mass where dirt particles and even the finest suspended particles will be caught. The water flows through the filter with no resistance, gets thoroughly cleaned, and gets back to...

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Application The installation of PureFlow® is ingeniously simple: Disconnect your equipment from the power supply. Open the filter housing and remove the filter material. Fill-up with PureFlow® filter elements. Close the filter housing and put into operation. Please start first with back-flushing and then go into normal filtration. Instruction Manual...

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Information to the product

  • Patent-No.: 10 2016 108 558
  • international patent application – No.: P-101374-WO
  • OECO-TEX®-zertifiziert
  • PCP- and CFC-free
  • Chemical-free
  • suited for allergy sufferers
  • UV-resistant and cleaning-resistant
  • Online-Brochure PureFlow® english (pdf)

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